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Office Canon

Canon or Fanon?

Office Cannon
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Not sure if something is canon or fanon when watching The Office - this is the place to ask.
The Office Canon

Not sure if it's canon or fanon? Need to check your facts? Then this is the community for you. Feel free to ask any office related questions that may have been bothering you, and if you can help somebody else out in the meantime, then great.

Also, I am aware it is spelt CANON, but office_canon was already taken, so I added in the extra n to make it work, I’m not dyslexic lol.

When posting:

  • Use an lj-cut for any possible spoilers, images or longer questions.

  • PLEASE always specify OUTSIDE of your lj-cut what your question could possibly contain spoilers for. "Spoilers for S2 after Booze Cruise'", not "Spoilers for S2".

  • Try and be as specific as possible by naming characters, episodes, locations etc- The more information the better.

  • Promote only The Office related communities under an lj-cut.

  • Please be nice, no one enjoys drama. If you cause trouble, you will be warned once, and then if you continue to misbehave you will be removed from this community.

  • As more questions are asked, I'll be adding to the tags. Please take a look at them, and use the ones that have already been listed relating to your question. I will ten go in and add the missing tags. Let's try and keep this place super organised so people can find what they're looking for -)

  • When answering questions:

  • Actor/character wiki pages are generally not a solid source of information (regardless of what Michael thinks.)
  • Most importantly, please be polite. There are no stupid questions.

  • Use quotes with specific episodes and/or screencaps to support your answer.